By now, you’re probably familiar with Gartner’s Hype Cycle, a visual representation of how momentum for new technology builds over time.

Finhaven Private Markets technology allows for buying and selling tokens in a regulated marketplace

At Finhaven Private Markets, blockchain and digital securities are at the core of our technology and business. That puts us squarely in the conversation about NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — a trend capturing the imagination of investors and media alike.

Blockchain is revolutionizing the way contracts and agreements are created, and the way securities and assets trade hands between buyers and sellers. Digital securities or tokens rely on blockchain to verify their value and authenticity free from the need for paper-based contracts and share certificates.

NFTs are…

Finhaven Technology Inc. (“Finhaven”) was founded on a core, central belief: that the smart application of technology will be used to eliminate friction from buying, selling and handling securities in both public and private markets, automating the exchange of documents and certificates that slows the current system down.

It’s a bold vision, but we knew we needed to start somewhere to bring the market along. And that somewhere is with private securities at a time when more and more companies are staying private — and staying private longer.

After three years of hard work, we received notice from regulators that…

Technological innovations have been better utilized in public capital markets compared to private capital markets. The reason is that technological developments have primarily focused on improving efficiency in trading and gaining easier access to liquidity based on the availability of the secondary market. Despite the liquidity opportunity of public capital markets, I observe a trend of more companies wanting to stay private as long as possible and more public companies wishing to go private. …

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